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We’re doing a Christmas countdown this year, and we challenge you to join us! It will be a photo countdown called Images of Christmas, where you post your ORIGINAL photos on social media that have something to do with the Christmas word for the day (also know as photo prompt). For instance, the photo prompt for Dec 1 is “angel.” On that day we encourage you to post a picture of either an angel ornament, your child in an angel costume, a Christmas card with an angel on it, or whatever you see around you that reflects angels and how it relates to Christmas. Of course, we want your original photos.

Here are the photo prompts for December:

  • Dec 1: angel
  • Dec 2: bells
  • Dec 3: candle
  • Dec 4: carols
  • Dec 5: celebration
  • Dec 6: Christmas tree
  • Dec 7: cookies
  • Dec 8: decorations
  • Dec 9: family
  • Dec 10: generosity
  • Dec 11: gifts
  • Dec 12: hugs
  • Dec 13: laughter
  • Dec 14: lights
  • Dec 15: nativity
  • Dec 16: ornaments
  • Dec 17: red

  • Dec 18: shopping
  • Dec 19: star
  • Dec 20: surprise
  • Dec 21: sweater
  • Dec 22: toys
  • Dec 23: traditions
  • Dec 24: wreath
  • Dec 25: JESUS

Post your photos on your own pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, and use the hashtag #FPCXmas2014. Very important that you use the hashtag so we can track of your photos and feature them here on our website and even at church on Sunday mornings.

It’s not a contest, so everyone who participates is a winner. This is just another way for us to share our Christmas experiences with each other. It’s also our chance to show off our creativity with photos.

If we all flood social media with our photos and the specific hashtag #FPCXmas2014, First Prez might be trending the whole month of December and, as a result, attract more people to church. Another opportunity to expose people to Jesus!

And thanks to all who have been posting photos!

First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu » Blog Archive » Images of Christmas

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