This Internship is designed to help young adults develop video production knowledge as well as personal life skills. Aimed at, but not limited to ages 18 to 25 year olds, the KALO TV Internship helps those who have lacked direction and opportunity. Through this Internship, they will receive a well rounded, hands on training course in a working environment.  Skills covered in the Internship include script writing, filming, production, directing, animation, motion graphics and editing. And in situations that come with all the pressures and challenges of real world production. Once someone completes the Internship they will have a portfolio of work that represents their unique skillset. This will help in future employment in the field of media.

Although an intern will learn media skills, the most important aspect of the KALO TV Internship is that it is Christ centered. The course will provide Biblical principles that will help them navigate life, both professionally and personally. Our desire at KALO is to reach out into our community in ways that will benefit our culture. The KALO TV Internship aims to do that in a positive practical way. Imagine a generation excited about telling the greatest story every told in relevant and creative ways, broadcast across multiple mediums. That’s our dream!


Currently we have designed two programs. A program that runs for three months that gives a clear overview of media skills; and an in-depth six month program that will embed an intern into the workings of media.

You can be part of changing a young person’s life by supporting them through KALO TV Internship. This is your opportunity to pour into the next generation through a high quality, hands on experience in media production. It truly is a chance to influence future generations. At KALO TV we have a saying: “We appeal to the eyes in order to speak to the heart.” Who better to appeal to this generation than their own peers? Imagine that!

How can you help? There are three immediate actions you can take today:

  1. Pray! We ask for your prayers for the Lord to bring the right people to intern with us. Also, please pray that important funds will be raised in order to provide necessary tools and equipment for the interns.
  2. Donate! You can donate to KALO TV knowing that the funds will impact this next generation with a Christ centered focus.
  3. Become an intern! Are you, or someone you know, looking for internship that will develop a vocation in media, all while being Christ centered? Then sign up today. Do not hesitate, spaces are limited!


Finally, you can take action right now! Go to this link and commit to supporting the KALO TV Internship by deciding which of the three actions you are committing to; one, two or all three of them! Looking for more information? Head to the link and connect with us. We would love to dialogue with you.

We are so excited about the Internship and hope you are too. We look forward to partnering with you in pouring into young people through the KALO TV Internship.


In Jesus, our only hope,
The KALO Team

KALO TV Interns

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