Psalm 90:1

“Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.”

What a remarkable statement that the psalmist, Moses, makes – one ripe with meaning. A reading of the whole psalm points to those overwhelming times in life when most people make a beeline for home. Man is naturally inclined toward erecting places of security and comfort, but even the strongest structures crumble and fall. What then? Here in this verse, Moses sets our vision higher than brick and mortar, concrete, or wood.

Moses could look back through the generations of Old Testament saints, all the way to Adam, to see all that God had been for His people. Yet, it took him leaving the comforts of Pharaoh’s house for an uncertain forty-year journey through the wilderness to understand the depth, breadth, and strength of God’s presence.

The Lord Himself will be our dwelling,

a place where our hearts find safety and rest.

Those who dwell in Christ maintain a constant residence, they simply do not run to Him now and then. His Word becomes as necessary as daily food, filling the mind and heart with His Spirit.

When our innermost man rests his hopes in God alone, we discover a continual source of encouragement, direction, hope, and unconditional love – above and beyond this world.

Uncertainty is a part of this life, but this assurance remains fixed: the Lord has been and forever will be the dwelling place of His people in all generations.


Do you belong to Jesus Christ? Have you followed Him only to experience wave after wave of trouble? Are you being tossed by fear and doubt over how it will end? Then insert your name and circumstance into this account and its eventual outcome because the same LORD is with you today.

Rest in His power alone and trust Him to take you over to the other side.

Awaiting His return,

– Pastor Jack

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